Kayla Hrkach, RDH


"We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do" -- these are the words of wisdom that decorate my operatory. I chose them because I enjoy a clever double-entendre. On the one hand, they can refer to a literal smile; on the other, these words encapsulate the way I wish to live my everyday life; to treat every person with kindness and dignity, even in the little things. This is the primary reason why I chose dental hygiene as my profession. I love being of service to others, caring for others!

My other reason for choosing this profession is that I'm highly detail-oriented and love working with my hands; my favourite hobbies include sketching, crocheting, and cooking. Some of my other interests, as my work-family can attest to, are pretty nerdy. Eg. I can go on forever talking about movies; however, please know, I won't subject you to that unless you wish it!