Liz Caldwell, RDH

My qualifications as a Registered Dental Hygienist come from Canadian National Institute College (2009) after serving nearly 6 years as Certified Dental Assistant Level II. I find that my experience working chairside really helps in my current practice.

Early on I had an opportunity to work in several positions at Billings Bridge Dental Centre. In addition to my regular hygiene duties I also have expertise in orthodontics. I work with many of Dr. Azzi’s Invisalign® clients. You may be delighted to learn how you could benefit from a more perfectly aligned smile, and it would be my pleasure to discuss that with you.

I’m a big fan of my hometown of Carp. You might run into me at the next Carp Fair. My husband and I have a boy and a girl, We rock pumpkin carving by the way.