Our Leadership Team Serves the Ottawa Community at Billings Bridge Dental Center 



Since I was young, I always wanted to work in a dental practice and help people find reasons to smile. I grew up in Sudbury Ontario where I enjoyed going to Science North, picking blueberries and swimming at every beach possible. After high school I moved to Ottawa and began working in the dental field while attending University of Ottawa and completing a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. I feel I’ve found my passion for helping others and I’m now studying part-time toward a graduate degree in Human Resources.

I love empowering others and making a positive difference at Billings Bridge Dental Centre.



Hi, I’m Emma.

If I’m doing my job just right, you may never see me. As Clinical Coordinator I work behind the scenes to make sure everyone has everything they need to have a great day everyday.

I’m responsible for solving problems before they become problems. If this sounds impossible, that’s because sometimes it is! Fortunately, I work with some of the best doctors, hygienists, dental assistants, and infection control specialists in the city of Ottawa – and we’re really good at getting things just right for our clients.

I became a Certified Dental Assistant after graduating from Everest, London, Ontario in 2010. I try to stay current on all things related to oral health, dental treatment and technology – and I still occasionally work chair side just for fun. You’d be shocked to learn the insane amount of money I spend on fancy new equipment for our dentists!

I work with a lot of women at Billings Bridge Dental Centre and I love them all. Still, at the end of the day I always look forward to seeing my husband and two boys.


When I look back over 25+ years I’ve been with Billings Bridge Dental Centre, I’m amazed by how far we’ve come, and how committed we still are to the people we serve everyday.

As Financial Manager, it’s my job to plan, record, analyze, and oversee implementation of all financial matters. I, of course, can’t do this with out the help of my dedicated colleagues, so training and coaching others is also an important part of my job.

I qualified as a dental assistant back in 1991, but rapidly found a niche with numbers. I’m grateful to be in a place where I have almost unlimited opportunity for learning and growth.

Outside of work, I love spending time with family and friends. We enjoy cottage life and the never-ending projects that seem to come with that. My husband and I are proud to have raised two ambitious daughters, and I’m always ready to plan a new adventure.