Our Dental Assistants Serve the Ottawa Community at Billings Bridge Dental Centre 





I am one of BBDC’s most versatile employees. I love to work chairside, and people say I’m a really good administrator as well. I guess I just like to know how everything works.

I graduated from Algonquin College in 2017 as a Certified Dental Assistant Level II and started working here almost immediately afterward. I speak Tigrinya, Arabic and English.

I have younger siblings that I love. What some people might not know is that I became engaged and married since I started working here. And I love to travel. Ask me where I’ve been.



I've learned that you can't hide a piece of broccoli in a glass of milk.  

I know that because I'm a mom to two beautiful daughters, and because it's one of many words of wisdom I see in our operatory each day. When you come to visit us next time, let me know which saying you like best.

I've been a Certified Dental Assistant for longer then I should probably tell you. The reason I love working with Dr. Rodrigues is because he cares a great deal for each patient, keeps me impossibly busy during the day, and expects me to read his mind - which I almost always do! In my spare time, our family does all kinds of fun things together. I like gardening, boating, and reading too.


I studied Health Sciences at University of Ottawa, before graduating from Algonquin College as a CDA Level II in 2017. Then, I worked with Dr. Shaan before going back to school for Dental Hygiene, which I’ll complete in 2020. Obviously, when I graduate, I want to serve as a Hygienist at Billings Bridge Dental Centre; that’s why I’m here all the time helping out wherever they need me.


The work I do here is important. I went to school to become a Certified Dental Assistant Levell II at Algonquin College, Ottawa in 2009. Our patients think Dr. Ivanita is the best dentist in Ottawa, and I agree with them, but who do you think keeps him on track and organized? That’s right: me!

People at work count on me to keep a close eye on our inventory of dental supplies.

My husband and I have a cottage and a handsome dog named Nash, who just may be smarter than both of us.



Hi, I’m Sharon!

One sunny summer morning many, many years ago, I stopped by Billings Bridge Dental Centre on the way to the beach with my daughter. My plan was to drop off a resume, but I attended an impromptu interview instead! Within a week I began a career I love as a Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) and, except for a brief interlude when I owned and operated a chip wagon, I’ve been here ever since.

Good solid training and old-school values are very important to me. I get frustrated when things aren’t just so. I love, love, love greeting patients who have become like friends over the years. It’s my job to make Dr. Azzi look good.

Apparently, when I think I’m alone, I’m almost always singing. I’ve been told this by my coworkers. I guess it’s hard to be alone at work!

I enjoy family, food, and hockey. I’m 100% convinced that my Toronto Maple Leafs will win a Stanley Cup any season now.





I believe life is meant to be live to its fullest. I guess that’s why people around here wonder why I’m always smiling!

I graduated from CDI College in Ottawa in 2005 and joined Billings Bridge Dental Centre almost ten years ago. I’m happy working alongside any of our great dentists, and lately I’ve been helping out our outstanding administrative staff too.

My husband and I have two boys, and our family owns and rides horses. By the way, if you’ve saved up any extra money at all, owning horses is a good way to get rid of it – but totally worth it!





I’m Jennifer. I graduated from Centre de Formation Vision-Avenir as a Certified Dental Assistant Level II in 2004.

People say I’m a really, really good dental assistant. That must be true, because I’ve worked with Dr. Jamshaid for as long as I can remember, and he’s a really, really good dentist.

My husband and I have two young children – a boy and a girl. If you think I’m busy at work, you should see me at home!



I graduated from Career Canada way back in 1993, and I’ve worked alongside our Periodontist, Dr. Alleyn, for over two decades.

Dr. Alleyn says that any day with me is a good day – and he’s right, even if I do say so myself.

I have three adult children, and I love to travel. Greece is a personal favourite.